Mari´s Bizarre Adventure.

  • Developer: Javier Bonilla Mite // javb92
  • Genre(s): Adventure, 3D, Modern, Third-Person, Modern , Cinematic Interactive
  • # of players: 1, No Online Multiplayer
  • RATED: E 
  • Status: In development.
  • Platform: ANDROID and PC

Mari's Bizarre Adventure WEBGL Compilation Demo Chapter 1.

From the Love Live Sunshine Anime Universe - 3D Game Adventure

Project in progress.

A small game that tells the curious adventure of Mari Ohara and Kanan Matsuura from the Love Live Sunshine series.


This small project that was initially thought of as a 15-minute interactive animated short film, an  adventure where Aqours plushes from the Anime series "Love Live Sunshine" are the protagonists, Mari Ohara's plush is the main character, and sometimes Kanan Matsuura, the only playable characters , to where the development is now. The story does not have much relation to the original series, here I have experimented with more supernatural, somewhat absurd, irrational themes, which if I execute them together, with the personality and background of each character, give quite funny results.
The game for now is quite linear and the gameplay quite simple; Control Mari in the third person, with the directional keys, you can jump or move the camera's vision most of the time; On certain occasions there will be some interactive cinematics others not.

The demo still hasn't the battle system complete, cause Im still working on it.

The game has another 3 more CHAPTER but they are not yet playable. Therefore I still can't show them.

I was doing this project in my spare time, to experiment with the Unity tool and some new concepts, so the development has been very slow.

Thanks for the wait and your support, I hope you like it.

StatusIn development
Release date Mar 07, 2020
AuthorJavier Bonilla
Made withUnity
TagsAnime, live, love, sunshine
Average sessionA few minutes
LinksPatreon, Homepage, Community, Twitter

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